Marmalade and MKB files

January 6, 2013 —

I use Marmalade in my projects to target mobile devices. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Marmalade currently. One of the things I hate about Marmalade are MKB files. Specifically the way that source files should be specified in them.

I like to organize my source files in directory structures that contain many subdirectories, etc. In my current project I have about 700 cpp/c/h files (excluding third-party libraries that I include the sources of).

MKB files would have me list them out one by one, or list each directory that contains cpp/c/h files and use a *.* wildcard. But that kind of wildcard can not be used to automatically include all the contents of, say, a root "src" directory.

Surely, a simple oversight.

I made a script to help with this a couple months ago and figured that I should share it. Until such time that Marmalade MKB files are improved to support this kind of "sub-directory wildcard" stuff natively, this script I made can be used to automatically generate a "files" section from one or more root source directories that may or may not contain a bunch of files organized into many subdirectories, etc.

You can find it here.