Updated libDGL Code

April 28, 2018 —

A quick post just to point out that I updated the libDGL Github repository with the most up to date working code that I currently have.

Since I originally pushed libDGL code to Github last November, not much new functionality/features has been added. Kind of disappointing for me to think about actually, heh. That being said, over all that time, I do feel like I fixed up a bunch of bugs and generally improved the performance of what was there. However, looking at my to-do list that is left for libDGL, I still really have my work cut out for me:

  • Scaled/rotated blitting support
  • Blending
  • "Mode 7" like support
  • Custom font loading (BIOS-like format?)
  • Joystick / Gravis GamePad support
  • Input device (keyboard/mouse/joystick) events
  • PC speaker sounds
  • Sound Blaster compatible sound/music
  • Gravis Ultrasound compatible sound/music
  • Sine/cosine lookup table optimizations
  • BMP, LBM, GIF image loading (and saving?)
  • Simple immediate mode GUI

This list is definitely not in any particular order. I want to start building a simple 2D map editor tool (since the old QBasic one I have sitting here is missing source code, so I cannot even just extend it as a quick alternative), so the last item about a "simple immediate mode GUI" is probably going to be my next task.

Following that, I kind of what to do something with audio. I've been focusing a lot on graphics lately and feel like a change would be nice. More specifically, I think starting with some MIDI playback might be fun. I just recently picked up a Roland Sound Canvas SC-88VL (through which, MIDI songs sound absolutely exquisite) and this is most probably influencing that decision, heh. However, I think I'd likely want to start with writing MIDI playback code for a Yamaha OPL as that was far more commonplace, but supporting general MIDI devices also sounds like a nice second step.