It Begins Again

May 16, 2017 —

Several times over the past almost 20 years I've tried to keep a blog of sorts. Each time, within a couple years I end up taking it down after I realize I haven't posted anything in months, or I re-read something I wrote in a post months ago and feel embarrassed or confused and think to myself "wow, I wouldn't want anyone else to read that!"

Additionally and perhaps most importantly, I would often not write anything because when I would think of some topic that I should write about, I would usually decide against it if the idea wasn't "perfect" in my head, or if it didn't feel totally finished or polished. Basically I didn't like the idea of posting something incomplete (even though I know I had published more than a few posts that turned out that way, looking back in retrospect).

Well, something compels me to try this blog thing again. But this time, I feel like I should try to keep it primarily as a journal. So, writing half-baked ideas down is ok and even encouraged. I often work on projects and end up not talking about them to anyone, and as such I eventually lose interest and abandon the project. Perhaps writing about them somewhere in the style of a journal (without worrying so much about polish) will help avoid this pattern of abandonment. It'll take me time to find my footing with this different style of blogging though, so I'll need to be patient with it.

Time will tell how well this works (or doesn't) I suppose. Here goes... !