Third time's a charm!

December 8, 2011 —

Welcome to the first post of what is essentially the " blog v3." Perhaps v4. The first couple were very short lived. Only the previous one to this iteration was in any way noteworthy.

Speaking of the previous iteration, why did I abandon it? It was a custom ASP.NET MVC web app that I made in February 2010 to teach myself some more ASP.NET MVC stuff. After finishing it up enough such that I felt that I could use it on a public site, I pretty much never opened the code back up again. And I really needed too. I could only post new stuff by hand writing HTML, which isn't the end of the world, but it didn't really encourage me to write that much. I wanted to go back at some point and add WYSIWYG content editing and some fancier image uploader to avoid needing to use FTP and manually create image thumbnails, but as I was working more on game-related projects in my spare time, I had little desire or motivation to jump back into web development when I wasn't at my day job.

It was getting to the point where I wasn't posting anything because I just simply couldn't be bothered, since every time I thought of the site, I remembered the changes I wanted to do but also didn't want to do.

So, this past week I started thinking more about it and decided I was going to fix the problem. I was going to use an existing solution instead of keeping my “Not Invented Here” syndrome alive. I installed Habari first. It can basically be described as a more modern and less bloated WordPress. However, the admin interface wasn't exactly what I was looking for (not quite WYSIWYG-enough for me).

Originally I didn't want to use WordPress because I had worked with it around 2007 or so and wasn't very impressed with the code or the templates. I had written a custom template at the time and had tried to integrate it into other custom PHP scripts and didn't want to repeat that again. However, the admin interface was great and exactly what I wanted for a blog.

So… whatever, I'll just stick with what I know works and works well enough. Since I couldn't be bothered to update my own custom ASP.NET MVC blog, I doubt I can be bothered to dig into WordPress's code/templates either, so that part shouldn't be a problem.

And hopefully it will encourage me to write here more often. So let's find out.